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Review 2024 for Symphony Orchestra

June 26, 2024 / 20:00

Argentine National Concert Hall

- Palacio Libertad - ex CCK

National Orchestra of Argentine Music

"Juan de Dios Filiberto"

Natalia González Figueroa - piano

Ezequiel Silberstein - conductor

Ancla 1
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Based in Vienna, Cristian Axt is an Italian-Argentine composer, music producer and pianist, born in Buenos Aires.


His compositions were performed throughout the world, in concert halls, theaters, radio and television.

His work, which among others includes symphonic, chamber and ballet music, is especially captivating for the harmonious fusion of genres, from contemporary to neoclassical, cinematic, ambience, electronic, experimental and others.

Currently, he is also composing and producing alongside prominent violinist and composer ECHO Klassik Winner and International Classical Music Awards Winner Yury Revich / OLARIO.


The prestigious Viennese musical field, added to the excellent environmental quality of the city, inspired him to create Green Affaire: Organization that through original musical and audiovisual production, plus the realization of concerts and original events, promotes care for the environment from a novel artistic perspective.
Generating the concept of Original Green Music of Vienna, he makes recordings of his works together with leading European artists who collaborate with the Organization.



In October 2022, he associates with the prestigious Music Producer Arpad Hy of redpmusic GmbH Austria and launches the record label Waves Affaire Music Production - Vienna, a company created to promote the rapprochement between the European classical music catalog and the universal contemporary one, with special focus on the Argentine repertoire and performers.

In February 2024, Cristian will release the track MOTO, a neoclassical work composed with Yury Revich and recorded with an extraordinary Stradivarius violin from 1709.

Green Affaire Org.
Waves Affaire Music Vienna
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