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Argentine-Italian composer born in Buenos Aires.

His compositions were performed around the world: in concert halls, theaters and opera houses, on radio and television. Including symphonic, chamber and ballet music, his work is particularly captivating due to the harmonious fusion of genres.

Currently based in Vienna, Austria, the prestigious musical environment, added to the excellent environmental quality of the city, inspired him to create Green Affaire: Organization that through original musical and audiovisual production, plus the realization of concerts and original events, promotes care for the environment from a novel artistic perspective.
Generating the concept of Original Green Music of Vienna, he makes recordings of his works together with leading European artists who collaborate with the Organization.




National Symphony Orchestra (E.Siffert)


Salta Symphony Orchestra (J. Lhez)


Bahía Blanca Symphony Orchestra (R. Stabilito)


Rosario Chamber Orchestra (N. González & L. B. Videla)


UCASAL Chamber Orchestra (N. González & E. Roel)


Academic Chamber Orchestra of Teatro Argentino de La Plata (N. González & B. Teruggi)


Santa Fe Symphonic Band (H. Mickiewicz)


Córdoba Symphonic Band (H. A. Arzuza)


Teatro Del Libertador of Córdoba (Ballet Company & J. L. Lozano)


Auditorium - Consejo Ciencias Económicas de Buenos Aires (N. González & S. Masci)


Teatro Independencia - Mendoza (L. Salsano)


Teatro El Círculo - Rosario, Santa Fe (L. Salsano)




Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien - Friday Nights with Yury Revich (Y. Revich, M. Battistelli & Orchestra)


Gesellschaft Für Musiktheater/ Peterskirche (N. Di Marco & Y. Draganova)


Ehrbal Saal - Vienna (Iberoamerican Orchestra & F. Zonda)


Kulturhaus Dornbirn (Ballet & P. Rille)


Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera /


Ballettakademie der Wiener Staatsoper (Ballet & S. Elek)



Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra (MA Shun-yi)


Valle del Cauca Symphonic Band (J. Lhez)


Banda Sinfónica Juvenil Nacional de Colombia - Teatro Colón de Bogotá (R. Ceccato)



WFMT 98.7 Chicago's Classical Radio Station (A. Fau & S. Webber)


Merit School of Music of Chicago / Chicago State University (A. Fau & G. Clavijo)




Casa Argentina in Rome (L. Salsano)


Middlesex University, London (A. Vena)


Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra (J. Lhez)



International Festival of Latin American Music - Teresa Carreño Theater (R. Stabilito)


Simón Bolívar Symphonic Band - Caracas (R. Stabilito)


Los Llanos Symphony Orchestra


Táchira Symphony Orchestra (R. Stabilito)


His composition “ON THE WAY TO THE PEÑA” for Symphonic Band was performed at:

International Festival of Latin American Music (Simón Bolívar Symphonic Band / Caracas - Venezuela)

Festival Nacional “Celebra la Música 2017” (Banda Sinfónica Juvenil Nacional / Teatro Colón de Bogotá and TV Señal Colombia – Colombia)

First Prize at the National Competition “Maestro Antonio Giliberti” / Original Composition for Symphonic Band, held in Santa Fe, Argentina (April 2013)


In October 2022, he associates with Redpmusic GmbH Austria and launches the record label Waves Affaire Music Productions - Vienna, a company that he creates and directs in order to promote the rapprochement between the European classical music catalog and the universal contemporary one. With a special focus on the Argentine repertoire and performers, it is also the first European label to produce and release this material, among other very diverse and functional genres in the field of Multimedia production, and originals, such as the Original Green Music of Vienna.

Actually, he is also working on the production of an album composing alongside prominent violinist Yury Revich.

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